Activities for groups of 30 – 300

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Team Building

We offer a large range of team building activities, which we produce and deliver ourselves. Available across Europe, we specialise in large groups of 30-300 people.

  • Immersive city quest: strategic team-building, customizable and engaging.

  • Unique team-building Photo Quest: explore, create, bond, and compete creatively!

  • Spain's paella team-building: creative, immersive, and customizable gastronomy.

  • Strategic enigmas fuel team collaboration, urban adventures, unforgettable experiences.

  • Team-building sand sculpting adventure on Spain's coastal marvels.

  • Barcelona raft building: thrilling team-building with creativity and camaraderie.

  • Exhilarating pirate treasure hunt: swashbuckling adventure, and rewards await!

  • Unleash teamwork, competition, and triumph in our unforgettable Olympic Games.

  • Immerse in 1920s jazz murder mystery: live music, intrigue, and suspense.

  • Barcelona's Montjuïc Castle adventure: unravel secrets, bond, explore creatively!

  • City music video adventure: creativity, iPads, teamwork, professional production!

  • Innovative team-building: film scenes, creativity, collaboration, awards, fun!

  • Unforgettable flashmob: team-building, dance options, surprise-filled experience!

  • Conscious dance workshop for unity and self-expression. Europe-wide availability.

  • Innovative team-building with cardboard shelter construction.

  • Global treasure hunts, Puzzles, camaraderie, unforgettable memories await.

  • Sun, sand, sports, camaraderie; beach fun and team-building bliss!

  • Innovative team-building activities at Ocata beach: an unforgettable experience.

  • Our delicious and great fun paella cooking competition!

  • Teams compete to build and race their own soapbox racers!

  • Teams let rip with their imagination and creativity with this hands-on building activity

  • Our robot themed escape room game - and we bring it to you!

  • The teams all work together to create one massive and impressive mosaic

  • A fun way to discover any city - you'll need tactics and teamwork to win!

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We started this business in 2005 and have had hundreds of clients, with thousands of participants in the events

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