Build and Race a Soapbox racer

A truly fun and hilarious activity, with 2 distinct parts to it – the building process, which is both mechanical and creative – and the race, which is pure laughs and gets those competitive juices flowing

Focus On Your Goals

Creativity, fun and team bonding

Maintain Momentum

A strong competitive element

Embark upon a remarkable journey of camaraderie and ingenuity, as Soapbox Racers presents an unparalleled team-building experience that will electrify your senses. Brace yourselves, for this extraordinary endeavor invites you and your team to craft, construct, and propel gravity-powered go-karts of your very own design.

Destination Delight: Our illustrious offering extends across a plethora of prestigious locations, including the vibrant metropolises of Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante, and beyond. Envisioning an ideal locale is our specialty, as we collaboratively curate the perfect setting tailored to your desires. Our expansive venues boast generous outdoor expanses, meticulously contoured with gentle inclines that beckon the pursuit of speed. Fear not, for even in the absence of such slopes, the indomitable force of human power will propel your creations forward. Moreover, select destinations provide panoramic vistas, elevating the already breathtaking experience to new heights.

Eager Anticipation: Upon arrival, a treasure trove of equipment awaits your team’s arrival, thoughtfully arranged by our adept squadron of “soapbox” supervisors. Witness the birth of your go-karts, painstakingly assembled from the ground up, showcasing the genius of your collective imagination. Our foundation encompasses essential elements, including sturdy wheels, wooden planks, and a guiding pole. But fear not, dear visionaries, for the canvas of your go-kart’s body unveils boundless possibilities. Utilize PVC tubes, connectors, and an assortment of materials such as vivid cardboard, captivating wallpaper, and resplendent fabric in an array of hues, fashioning masterpieces that exude unparalleled individuality.

Guidance and Grandeur: Our astute supervisors, ever the beacon of expertise, stand poised to offer guidance should you seek their sage advice. Adjudicating your creations based on their originality, artistic flair, captivating style, and unwavering commitment to safety, these paragons of discernment shall bestow bonus points upon the truly exceptional. And once your magnificent vehicles stand proudly before the starting line, an epic spectacle commences—the race!

A Test of Mettle: Unleash your skills and navigate a challenging track that demands unyielding dexterity, impeccable steering, and resolute control. Beware, for any transgressions shall incur penalty points, as the pursuit of victory must remain a fair and honorable endeavor. Swiftness becomes paramount, as the fabled “fastest time” shall emerge as the harbinger of triumph, crowning the ultimate victor.

A Culinary Odyssey: Yet, in the midst of this adrenaline-fueled pursuit, your sustenance shall not be overlooked. Rest assured, we stand ready to provide an opulent array of refreshments, tantalizing snacks, or even a lavish banquet, meticulously tailored to your discerning palate. Share your desires with us, and we shall orchestrate a feast fit for royalty.

In Retrospect: Prepare to embark upon an unforgettable race, where a symphony of idiosyncratic and audacious vehicles shall grace the stage. Soapbox Racers, a consummate fusion of excitement and laughter, epitomizes the essence of extraordinary team building. With the minimum group size contingent upon the chosen destination and a recommended team size of 8-10 intrepid individuals, this captivating adventure shall unfold over approximately 3 hours.

For further enlightenment and to weave your unique tapestry of requirements, we eagerly await your esteemed correspondence. Be prepared to immerse yourselves in the realm of soapbox racing—an experience that will etch itself indelibly upon your collective memory!

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