Paella cooking competition

We bring our paella cooking competition to you, or if you’re lucky enough to be in Barcelona, we have a gorgeous venue to offer this in.

Focus On Your Goals

A great fun activity with a tasty end product!

Maintain Momentum

An activity which will stay in the memory of all those who participate

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary and innovative culinary escapade, where you and your esteemed comrades shall assume the role of masterful chefs, conjuring the flavors of traditional paella over authentic crackling fires. Behold! Our esteemed culinary maestro shall graciously lead you through this epicurean odyssey, ensuring that your paella prowess reaches unparalleled heights. And lo and behold, this remarkable experience is not confined to a single locale! Simply reveal your desired destination, and we shall transport the entire paella extravaganza to your doorstep. Whether your group be small or grand, from 50 to a staggering 500 souls, we shall orchestrate a symphony of paella preparation simultaneously!

This marvelously portable adaptation of our highly sought-after paella cooking endeavor may be orchestrated across the length and breadth of Spain, and by special request, it may even traverse the borders to destinations as far-flung as Portugal, France, and Italy.

The experience unfolds as teams of 8 to 10 individuals unite, each embarking upon the noble task of crafting their own unique paella masterpiece. Subsequently, the culmination of these culinary endeavors manifests in a delectable feast, where the fruits of your labor shall be savored.

What’s Included:

Allow us to regale you with the indulgences that await! Imbibe in a delightful array of libations throughout the event, for our open bar shall graciously serve you refreshing sangria, beer, and a selection of non-alcoholic beverages, ensuring that your thirst is quenched amidst the paella-making merriment. But that’s just the beginning!

Embark upon your gastronomic journey with an exquisite selection of appetizers, featuring tantalizing offerings such as potatoes, olives, delectable snacks, and petite puff pastries, affectionately known as “pica pica” in the realms of Spanish cuisine. Let your taste buds revel in a kaleidoscope of flavors!

And fear not, for we shall conclude this culinary extravaganza on the sweetest of notes. Indulge in a choice between an assortment of succulent fresh fruits or a cornucopia of divine pastry delights, tantalizing your palate with their exquisite confectionery craftsmanship.

To cap off this symphony of culinary delights, savor a moment of repose with a comforting cup of coffee, tea, or a selection of soothing herbal infusions. Bask in the warmth of these libations, reflecting upon the culinary triumphs that have transpired.

As for the venue, the world is our oyster, or rather, the paella pan is our domain! We stand ready to bestow this grand celebration upon any suitable locale within the glorious expanse of Spain, provided you grant us a space in which to craft our culinary magic.

Anticipation builds as we set the stage for this splendid spectacle. Expect an approximate duration of three hours, during which time approximately half shall be devoted to the artful preparation of paellas, while the remainder shall be dedicated to reveling in the victorious feast that unfolds.

Types of Paella:

Behold the pantheon of paella variations! You wield the power to decide whether diverse teams shall embark upon distinct paella creations or unite in culinary harmony to fashion a singular masterpiece. The options are as follows:

Traditional Valencian Paella: For those who revere the classics, partake in the timeless combination of chicken, rabbit, and, should you dare, the optional addition of snails—an homage to the authentic Valencian recipe that shall transport you to culinary bliss.

Seafood Paella: Immerse yourself in a symphony of maritime flavors, as plump mussels, succulent prawns, and tender calamari unite in a harmonious composition that pays homage to the bountiful ocean depths.

Vegetarian Paella: Cultivate a love affair with the earth’s bounty, as a vibrant assortment of locally sourced seasonal vegetables takes center stage, honoring the preferences of discerning vegetarians and conjuring a verdant tapestry upon your plate.

And as a grand finale to this culinary epic, allow us to entice you with a selection of optional enhancements:

Exquisite Spirits: Elevate your gastronomic voyage with a curated assortment of potent libations, encompassing anise, brandy, coffee liqueur, and rice liqueur—an audacious invitation to embark upon a spirited exploration of flavor.

Commemorative Aprons: Grant your participants a treasured keepsake from their paella escapade, as washable aprons become emblems of their culinary conquests and serve as a playful reminder of the wondrous experience shared.

Prepare yourself for an indelible team-building activity that unleashes your culinary prowess, immersing you in the captivating world of traditional paella. Waste no time, dear epicurean adventurer! Contact us forthwith to unveil your desires and allow us the honor of fashioning an unforgettable paella cooking experience tailored exclusively to your discerning palate.

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